Season 1, Episode 12: Labor Unions

In episode 12, we tackle the big topic of Labor Unions.  Jenn and Ryan have known they were on opposite sides of this issue, so they were ready for battle.  Jenn has more experience with public sector unions while Ryan’s experience has been in the private sector. 

Jenn starts off with a brief history of labor unions and why they got started.  We then dive into the issue of declining membership and laws that have been enacted to limit some of the power of unions (also contributing to their decline).

Ryan does a brief description of what happens when employees look to form a union and the process of collective bargaining.

We cover how to get rid of unions (decertification) in depth just in case you are looking to get rid of your union.  Employers are not allowed to help you in this process and it can be very confusing.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook if you are looking to get out. 

We conclude with our personal thoughts (if they were not evident by this point) on labor unions. 

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