Season 1, Episode 9: Internal Career Moves

In episode 9, Ryan and Jenn lay out some professional tips for those interested in making an internal career move.  Internal career moves can take the form of a move up into a leadership role, taking a lateral move to another department, or expanded responsibilities in your current role.  The biggest point made in this episode is that you must take on a “do it yourself” attitude.  Don’t wait to be recognized; take initiative.

Ryan and Jenn’s 9 Tips:

1. Make your intentions known.

2. Seek out a mentor.

3. Take on more responsibility.

4. Build a network.

5. Create your image.

6. Seek outside feedback.

7. Make your boss look good.

8. Be knowledgeable.

9. Always be thinking about cost savings.


And, the 4 skills the will propel your career:

1. Communication.

2. Project Management

3. Business Acumen

4. Emotional Intelligence



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