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Course General Descriptions*

Critical Leadership Competencies

Building a Foundation

Purposeful & Effective Communication

Learning to Lead

In this course we explore the fundamental change that is required of new managers; a shift in mindset from individual contributor to manager.  This is a critical competency that broadens the mind to help focus all other training programs.   

Change is inevitable and as a new manager, you must champion that change for your team.  Learn how to inspire your team and keep them motivated through the change process.  

This course is about motivating you to action.  We help you determine when it is appropriate to take initiative and how you should go about it.  

Successful new managers make decisions with the business in mind.  By accepting personal responsibility and becoming deeply invested you will find greater satisfaction in your role. 

As much as you like to think you can or need to do it all, you cannot.  Managers must learn the skill of proper delegation in order to be effective in their role.

This introductory course will explore typical projects that new managers may oversee in their role.  We will discuss the process of planning and scheduling projects, establishing timelines, and meeting deadlines.  

Does the word conflict strike fear in your heart?  Conflict can be healthy when done right.  Learn some of the ways to confront people the right way.  

Every workplace is diverse.  Some of the differences are visible (race, color) and some are not as visible (religion, sexual orientation).  Learn about some of the diverse groups you may encounter and ways in which to create an inclusive environment for everyone.

This course is all about understanding yourself better.  Only then can you truly relate to others.  We will explore your DiSC style and how your style affects how you like to work with others.  

As an organizational leader, you will need to understand how businesses operate and how your team has an impact on that operation.  We will review core business concepts, financials, and performance levers.  

This course includes content on Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct education.  We also go a step further and include a module on how to promote respectful behaviors in the workplace.  

Non-verbal communication includes facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, gestures displayed through body language, and the physical distance between the communicators.  This course dives into how each of these elements plays a part in the overall message you communicate.

Being able to accurately receive and interpret messages is the active process of listening.  When people are not actively listening, messages are easily misunderstood.  Here we discuss tactics to use to be a better listener who defers judgment and responds appropriately.  

The Center for Creative Leadership defines the 4 Keys to Influence Others as: (1) Political Savvy; (2) Self-Promotion; (3) Trust Building; and (4) Leveraging Networks.  We dive into each of these 4 areas and explore the best ways to implement these skills as a developing manager. 

Coaching and giving feedback to your direct reports should be an ongoing process during the year, not just during formal performance reviews.  We will give you some tips and tricks to help you coach your team in a way that makes it a positive experience.  

Sounds like a pretty easy subject, right?  It is, but most managers do not spend the time on this very important topic.  Truly understanding your team helps you motivate your team in the most effective way possible leading to higher levels of performance.  

Whether or not your organization has a formal performance management process, this course can help you.  We break down the elements that go into performance management and help prepare you to be more effective when dealing with the performance of your team.  

This course will cover the recruitment process by giving you the tools you need to effectively identify the right candidate for your open positions.  

This module helps you develop an understanding of labor law.  We will discuss union organizing and how to spot it.  Most of all we want you to walk away with positive steps you can take to minimize the risk of unionization.  

This course is an add-on to the Building Respectful Workplace course in the “Building a Foundation” section that has a module specific to training supervisors on the actions they need to take when receiving complaints of harassment in the workplace.  

*The course groupings above are only for illustrative purposes.  You can pick and choose courses as you like.  For those electing a custom block of courses, we will select courses from all areas that best suit your needs.