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Season 1, Episode 12: Labor Unions

In episode 12, we tackle the big topic of Labor Unions.  Jenn and Ryan have known they were on opposite sides of this issue, so they were ready for battle.  Jenn has more experience with public sector unions while Ryan's experience has been in the private sector.  Jenn starts off with a brief history of labor unions and why they got started.  We then dive into the issue of declining membership and laws that have been enacted to limit some of the power of unions (also contributing to their decline). Ryan does a brief description of what happens when employees …

Season 1, Episode 11: Free Speech in the Workplace

In this fun episode we explore the very timely topic of Free Speech in the Workplace.  Many employees believe that they have the right to say whatever they want (including telling racially-offensive jokes) because of their First Amendment right to free speech.  Are they right? We break this episode down into 3 parts. First, a general definition of free speech and the First Amendment. Second, we look at laws that specifically protect certain speech in the workplace.  The focus here is on Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), Religious Speech, and State Laws. Third, we look at …

Season 1, Episode 10: Work-Life Balance

In this episode we explore the very popular topic of work-life balance.  We are back on location this week due to a very generous invite from 2 of our listeners. We explore the definition of work-life balance and then discuss some practical examples of our experiences with the topic.  As usual, we will look at this topic from the view of the for-profit and not-for-profit world.  In our discussion we also talk about what is reasonable for employees to expect when it comes to work-life balance. Enjoy! Check out this episode!

Season 1, Episode 9: Internal Career Moves

In episode 9, Ryan and Jenn lay out some professional tips for those interested in making an internal career move.  Internal career moves can take the form of a move up into a leadership role, taking a lateral move to another department, or expanded responsibilities in your current role.  The biggest point made in this episode is that you must take on a "do it yourself" attitude.  Don't wait to be recognized; take initiative. Ryan and Jenn's 9 Tips: 1. Make your intentions known. 2. Seek out a mentor. 3. Take on more responsibility. 4. Build a network. 5. Create your image. 6. Seek outside feedback. 7. Make …

Season 1, Episode 8: Water Cooler Chats

Do you struggle with what is appropriate for workplace conversations?  Is someone always just wanting to chat with you when clearly you are busy?  In this episode Ryan and Jenn break down appropriate workplace conversations.  Which topics are okay and which topics are taboo.  We will also give you some tips for those times you find yourself being interrupted by the person in the office who always just likes to sit and talk. Remember to follow us on Facebook. Check out this episode!

Season 1, Episode 7: You Want to Pay Me What?

Ever wonder how organizations determine what they are going to pay their employees?  On this episode Ryan and Jenn talk about organizational pay systems.  We begin with a general overview of the structure of a pay system.  Next, we give you some things to think about when considering an offer of employment.  We end this episode with thoughts on internal offers (promotions or transfers).  Check us out on Facebook to see our wine selections at In The Works.    Check out this episode!

Season 1, Episode 6: Retirement Planning

Jenn has the day off, so Ryan is talking with Jan Picard, a superstar Financial Advisor.  Jan (not Jenn) is here to share her expertise on using your money wisely.  We talk about planning for your future and whether contributing to your workplace retirement plan is a good idea.   Today we are enjoying a 2015 Syrah from Cline Winery (Sonoma County).  Super yummy! Check out this episode!

Season 1, Episode 5: Medical Reimbursement Plans

In this episode Ryan and Jenn break down different types of Medical Reimbursement Plans.  Specifically, we cover Health Flexible Spending (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA). Ryan is drinking a 2014 Chateau Buisson-Redon Bourdeaux. Jenn has a One Two Punch Riesling. Check out this episode!

Season 1, Episode 4: Health Insurance Tips and Tricks

In Episode 4, we discuss some tips when using your health insurance.  Doing a little research and reading your Summary Plan Description can go a long way.  We also cover some problems that people encounter when using their insurance and how to avoid those mistakes.  Of course, we each have a bottle of wine open.  Jenn partakes in a Candy Apple wine from Armstrong Orchard and Winery.  Ryan enjoys a bottle of Ransom Reds Table Wine sent in from our #1 listener, Lesley.  This table wine is a blend of 5 grapes:  Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Grenache, Tempranillo, and Dolcetto.  Yummy! …